Matt (he, him) first became interested in the tree care industry after purchasing his first house in Lebanon NH in 2010 and has a unique story that not a lot of other tree workers may have.

There were many dead trees that needed to be cut on the property and he did the work with the help of his father who is an experienced wood cutter. He inherited his first chainsaw from his father as well and began processing the trees into firewood. He loved every minute of it and as they say the rest is history.

The story is much richer than that though. Matt was first introduced to forestry type work as a young boy shortly after moving to Starksboro, VT from Long Island, NY. His family's house was heated mostly with wood, which required a lot of work which was an all-in family affair. He would help split the wood that his father cut. Matt had always loved being outside and spent countless hours playing in the fields and woods with his brother throughout all seasons. Growing up he became an avid alpine skier while also enjoying biking, running and hiking. Today Matt still enjoys recreating outside in VT and follows the band Phish as well.

It wasn't until later in life that Matt decided to start his own tree business after deciding to make a career switch in early 2020 before the Covid-19 pandemic struck the Nation. He is a registered nurse by trade and spent over twenty years in the health care field in acute care settings and it was time for a change.

Since 2010 Matt slowly and steadily taught himself about tree care and what it takes to stay a viable tree care business. To business knowledge he attended a small business workshop offered through the Space on Main in Bradford VT.

He has also attended all of the Game of Logging classes offered through the Northeast Woodland Training Center and has countless hours behind his chainsaws felling, limbing, bucking and skidding trees. Initially he worked the woods on his own property in Corinth, VT and also did some contract work with Redstart Forestry. He then began to work for more and more customers until he felt confident to start his own business. He also spends a lot of time reading about forestry and arborist topics to stay up to date with best practices in the field and is working towards becoming a certified arborist.

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